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Constar is an Australian owned family business established in 2005 with the aim and commitment to offering the best quality, competitively priced, polymer based medical hollowware products, available anywhere in the world.

Our products are suitable for a wide variety of applications including:

  • Hospital & Healthcare Facilities
  • Medical Equipment Manufacturers
  • Health Clinics & Day Surgeries
  • Procedure Pack Manufacturers
  • Medical Equipment Distributors

Many years later, we are proud to say that Constar’s products have been continually recognised for outstanding quality and exceeding customer expectations, having been recognised as one of Australia’s leading suppliers of disposable and reusable medical supplies.

Our products are utilised throughout hospital wards and theatres, day surgeries, nursing and respite facilities, GP and dental clinics, pharmacies, laboratories, universities and other healthcare facilities throughout the country, and beyond. Significantly, they commonly compliment other capital, consumable and surgical products and equipment used within all of these facility types. Our products are also well suited for inclusion into custom procedure packs and kits. We currently serve many multinational blue chip companies in this regard.

Many customers benefit from the ‘can do’, responsive and friendly approach of our team. We service customers throughout Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong. Additionally, our partners have also benefited from our products that have been designed to offer solutions to a variety of patient, staff and environmental problems that challenge the healthcare industry, particularly in regards to cost, safety and infection control.

Constar provides more than medical and healthcare products. We offer a partnership. We invite you to experience Constar’s dedication to quality, co-operation and dependability.

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