Hearing Protection for Noise Levels up to 105dB (A)
TaskSafe Earplugs are meticulously designed to safeguard your hearing in environments with noise levels reaching up to 105dB (A). Whether you’re working in a bustling construction site, a lively manufacturing plant, or any other high-noise setting, TaskSafe Earplugs ensure your auditory well-being.

Individually Polybagged in Pairs
For your convenience, each pair of TaskSafe Earplugs comes individually polybagged. This not only keeps them hygienic but also makes them easy to carry in your pocket or toolbox. No more fumbling around for hearing protection – TaskSafe Earplugs are ready whenever you need them.

Hearing Protector Class 5 Tested to AS/NZS 1270
Rest assured, TaskSafe Earplugs meet the highest standards for hearing protection. Tested to AS/NZS 1270, they belong to Hearing Protector Class 5, ensuring top-notch performance in mitigating noise exposure. When used, selected, and maintained as specified in AS/NZS 1269, these earplugs can effectively protect you in noise environments up to 105dB (A) with an 85dB (A) criterion.

IMPORTANT Fit earplugs before exposing yourself to noise and wear them during the whole noise exposure. These earplugs are intended for single use only and should be disposed of after use.

STORAGE Earplugs must be stored in a clean, uncontaminated area. Earplugs should not be used if the individual poly bag packaging has been opened.