Biopsy CT Grid

Biopsy CT Grid Disposable Each

Simple and disposable, guaranteed accuracy for CT biopsy and drainage procedures, regardless of pathology type or body part. Save time and money. Every time.


  • Radio opaque grid yields a readily identifiable dot pattern on each CT image
  • 1cm markings across each slice for precise needle placement
  • Flexible grid material conforms closely to the patient’s anatomy for accurate imaging
  • Disposable grid prevents cross-contamination
  • Tape strips assure non-slip positioning
  • Fast, accurate pinpointing of area of concern saves time and money
  • Porous grid allows accurate marking of area with felt-tip or marking pen
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Instructions for use

STEP ONE: Remove backing from tape.

STEP TWO: Place and scan over the area of interest.

STEP THREE: Notice the twelve dots on the skin surface.

STEP FOUR: Determine which dot best represents the point of entry.

STEP FIVE: Mark through the grid with a felt tip pen where the laser crosses the line.

STEP SIX: Remove the grid and perform your biopsy.