Medicine Cups

Constar is a medicine cup supplier throughout Australia. Our medicine cups are graduated and available in 30mL and 60mL capacities. They are thick and rigid offering increased squeeze resistance, making them a safer and easier to use alternative to other medicine cups currently on the market. Optional lids are also available to suit our medicine cups. Read More

Medical Cups

In the medical world, having reliable access to top-quality equipment is of course absolutely essential. It’s simply not possible to deliver the outstanding service that patients expect and deserve without the right tools for the job, and nothing is more stressful than suddenly coming to the realisation that you’re running low on something vital.

The Importance Of Medicine Measuring Cups

When this happens, it’s important that you’re able to respond swiftly and effectively to replenish your stocks – and this means having a strong working relationship with a reliable medicine cup supplier. If, in the past, you’ve found yourself in the common position of not being able to find such a medical equipment supplier, don’t let this cause you to come to the false conclusion that no such vendors exist.

In fact, with the right supplier, you can be entirely confident that you’ll be able to access the high-quality disposable medicine cups that you need, even at extremely short notice. As a result, you’ll never again have to worry about settling for sub-standard equipment when your stocks start dwindling.

Get the Best Medical Cups Available

At Constar, we believe that every medical professional in Australia should be able to access the top-quality medical equipment their patients demand. We’re committed to making this a reality by providing swift, efficient access to the very best plastic medicine cups and other medical equipment available on the Australian market.

We don’t source our medicine measuring cups from cheap, unaccountable manufacturers in China, but rather work closely with our ISO 13485 and CE certified manufacturer, GA2 Medical, with whom we’ve built a strong working relationship based upon trust and common understanding.

This approach, as well as our online medical store, means that we can guarantee our customers that they’ll always have access to well-crafted and competitively priced equipment at quality standards that won’t drop.

More Than Just a Medicine Cups Vendor

It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for disposable medical cups or any other piece of medical equipment, you can be sure you’ll find it on our online store or in our catalogue.

But our products are only part of the story. We’re proud to act as a business partner as well as a vendor for our customers, meaning that we work with them to gain a thorough understanding of their challenges, their preferences and their needs, enabling us to offer a comprehensive, ongoing service that makes their lives easier.

Our unique approach of building and maintaining strong ties with our clients and with our manufacturer enables us to offer a more adaptable, versatile and consistent service than our competitors, which is why so many of our customers choose to keep relying on us time and time again.

To find out more information about any of our products, or to learn more about how our services can be of benefit to you, simply get in touch with a member of our friendly and professional team of experts today.

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